Show House App

From blueprints directly to your clients’ pockets!

Show House App running on multiple devices

A virtual show house in an app! Make your building or flat into an app from your BIM files or blueprints, and let your clients and partners explore it like if they were visiting it.

Available on mobile platforms, desktop and the web!



Explore a model of the building to study the distribution. Rotate, pan, and zoom, plus deconstruct the building like a Lego to understand volumes.

3D Explore

Get inside the building and go for a virtual walk. You can move and look around freely using touch controls or mouse and keyboard.

If your device has a Gyroscope (i.e.: a mobile phone), you can use it to look around by hovering it in front of your eyes. A virtual reality device that everyone already carry in their pockets!

Dynamic design

Change the materials of any kind of surfaces, open and close doors, change furnitures… Enhance the imagination of your visitors!

Realistic lightning, any time of the year

How does the light incide on that window on summer? How long are shadows in winter? You can set the date and time to emulate realistic lighting conditions, and even change the speed of time.

Thanks to dynamic and realistic lighting technologies, you can turn lights on and off. Realtime reflections on windows and water surfaces and weather control add an excelent layer of realism.

Explore blueprints

Bring your blueprints with you anywhere. You can choose between multiple floor plans, zoom and pan to explore them without needing a printed copy.


Photo gallery

Show the best shots and info of your building with the included photo gallery.

Photo gallery


Cliff House

A three-bedroom, two-stories villa at the top of a cliff.

Fictionally situated in South Spain, this villa is a fully furnished house with plenty of interactive elements and finish configurations, awaiting your virtual visit!

Download this app to experience all the features that we can incorporate on a custom Show House App

Mac: Unzip and ⌘ + click to open.

Cliff House demo app

Demo building

Download the demo app for Windows, Android, and Mac.

The demo app features a simple multi-store building, showing off many of the features available in a lightweight package.

Mac: Unzip and ⌘ + click to open.